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Rumba - Dance the Night Away

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Rumba is one of the slinky Latin dances.

Itís not a dance that moves round the dance floor, but one where you stay in the same general area, which makes it a great dance to learn at home - that said, if you know your steps you can still move around the room.

The rumba is distinctive for there being no step on the first beat of the bar. So you move off on the fourth beat and move only your body on the first beat! That can be tricky to get used to, but I managed it, so it canít be too difficult - itís part of the fun!

People often do similar routines in the rumba as in the cha cha: itís the rhythm and style of body movement that differs.

As so often, itís the lady who does most of the colourful movements - itís a great dance for turns, and for the lady to move around the man, or perhaps I should say, to be moved around the man, for he is (of course!) the one who leads.

If you learn the basic steps, which are fairly simple, and practice the style, then you can build a lot of other easy steps around the basics. Before you know it you will have a routine!

You can easily teach yourself to dance Rumba using a step-by-step video guide. I would recommend Louis van Amstel's dance course for its clarity and enthusiasm, and because it's available online you can download it now.

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